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Insulation Experts in Columbus, GA and Surrounding Cities

Home insulation provides a powerful barrier between your comfortable interior space and the temperatures and air quality hazards outside. Minimize your utility costs and keep your air clean with efficient insulation solutions from Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning.

attic insulation

Easy Attic Insulation Solutions

Your attic is one of the most important places for insulation. A properly insulated attic will resist heat transfer in summer, which can inadvertently warm your house. In winter, your insulated attic will keep hot air from rising through the ceiling and escaping. At Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning, we use an efficient spray polyurethane foam insulation that’s easy to install and extremely energy efficient.

Spray foam insulation expands after it’s been applied, so it will efficiently fill cracks and crevices. This not only prevents heat transfer, it will also help to keep insects and rodents out of the house. Moisture is easier to control in a well-insulated area as well, which is an important consideration in our humid climate. If your attic isn’t well-insulated, give us a call to find out how we can help.

Enhanced Insulation for Better HVAC Efficiency

One of the primary benefits of a well-insulated home is enhanced energy efficiency. You can lower your utility bills simply by adding adequate insulation throughout your home. The attic is only one place where you can add insulation. You’ll also enjoy cost savings by adding insulation:

  • In the walls
  • Above the ceiling
  • In the basement
  • Around pipes and water tanks

Consider all the areas where your home is exposed to outdoor elements. Installing the right insulation as a barrier in exterior walls, or beneath floors with an unheated basement below, will help you regulate temperatures throughout the home and ease the strain on your heating and cooling systems. When you put insulation in your walls, it has the added benefit of increasing your home’s structural strength and reducing noise transfer as well.

Insulation Installation Throughout Your Home

No matter where you’re looking to insulate, Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Our spray polyurethane foam insulation equipment allows us to install insulation in any area quickly and efficiently. Unlike other types of insulation, this product is free of formaldehyde and ozone-depleting substances. In fact, adding this insulation to your home will help improve your indoor air quality by keeping dust, pollen, and other irritants out. Reduce your energy bills and your CO2 emissions at once with smart insulated solutions. We’re your local insulation installer for every part of the home.

If you’re interested in adding insulation to your house, give Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We proudly serve customers throughout Columbus, Cataula, Fortson, Ellerslie, Hamilton, Midland, and Waverly Hall, Georgia. We also service homes in Midland, Auburn, and Opelika, Alabama. Reach out to our comfort specialists to learn more today.

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