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Heat pumps shouldn’t shut off until they reach their set point, but if yours is doing so and leaving you and your family uncomfortable in Columbus, GA, just know that there are several possible explanations. Short-cycling heat pumps may have something restricting their airflow, have a bad control board or thermostat or be too big for their home.

Something Is Restricting Airflow

Anything that hinders air circulation is going to put stress on the blower motor, which will raise its temperature. If it overheats, then the heat pump will shut down prematurely as a safety precaution.

Three things could hinder airflow: a dirty air filter, a blocked or closed supply vent or dirt buildup on the evaporator or condenser coil. While you should change your filter every three months and keep all vents open and clear, cleaning the coils is a professional maintenance task.

Thermostat or Control Board Is Bad

Over time, the sensors in your thermostat may lose their calibration and start to read the indoor air as warmer than it is. In that case, it will signal the system to shut down before it reaches your set point.

It’s not the thermostat that technically shuts the heat pump down but the control board. A malfunctioning control board could be behind the short cycle.

The Heat Pump Is Oversized

Sometimes, through the fault of the installers, homeowners find themselves with a heat pump too big for their home. Oversized heat pumps will rapidly heat or cool a home, shut off and a short while later turn back on, which will account for the short cycle, but the results are never satisfactory or energy efficient. Short-cycling often causes the rooms furthest from the system to remain uncomfortable, plus the system may not run long enough to dehumidify adequately. Only a new system installation can solve this problem.

To discover what repairs your short-cycling heat pump needs, call Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule an appointment with us. Established in 1983, our company has treated every kind of problem with all makes and models of heat pumps.

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