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Does the screen of the digital thermostat in your Auburn, AL home keep going blank? A blank display is a huge problem, especially since you need it to operate the heating and cooling system. Several things can cause a thermostat screen to go blank.

The Thermostat Is Not On

Even if it sounds obvious, it’s important to make sure that your thermostat is on. It’s easy to inadvertently turn it off when adjusting the temperature. Before you panic about your blank screen, ensure that your it’s turned on.

Needs New Batteries

The display can becomes dim or unresponsive when it’s time for new batteries. If the batteries go completely dead, then the display may stop working. Most have an indicator that lets you know when battery power is low. Many thermostats are hard-wired and don’t need batteries, however, the connection may have become compromised. A technician can check the connection.

Brightness Is Too Low

Does your thermostat allow you to adjust the brightness of the display? If it does, you or someone in your home might have accidentally changed the brightness. It could also have an auto-dim function that allows it to dim the display for various reasons, such as to preserve battery life.

The Furnace Door is Open

Some digital thermostats shut themselves off if the furnace door is ajar or completely open. It’s a safety feature to make sure the heat doesn’t work unless the furnace is safe to use. If the furnace door is open, that’s a fire hazard that could cause serious damage.

Something Made the Circuit Breaker Trip

There’s a connection between your digital thermostat and your home’s main electrical system. If the circuit breaker trips, it will cause the thermostat to shut off. The screen will go blank unless there’s a battery backup.

Our team can help determine what’s causing your thermostat issues. Get your thermostat display working correctly by contacting Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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