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Zoning Experts in Columbus, GA and Surrounding Cities

Maintaining comfortable temperatures in your Columbus, Georgia, home can be a big job, particularly if you have a two-story house or sprawling ranch home. It’s often difficult for a single central heating and cooling system to keep temperatures even throughout your living space when there are several different areas that need attention. If your home comfort isn’t what it should be, a zoned HVAC system may offer just what you’re looking for.

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Upgrade to Zoned Home Heating and Air

When you install zoned home heating and air, you’ll instantly enhance your level of control over home comfort. A zoned system separates your home into distinct areas that you can manage independently of one another. This way, you can direct more cooling toward your kitchen during mealtime and focus your air conditioning on the bedrooms at night. There’s no need to maintain an even temperature throughout the house if the rooms aren’t all occupied.

Your zoned home comfort system may separate the upstairs from the downstairs or set one wing of the home apart from another. Our comfort specialists at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning will help you determine the best setup for your needs.

Enjoy Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning and Heating Solutions

If you want to make the best possible use of your high-efficiency heater and energy-efficient air conditioner, a zoned installation is an effective way to do so. By zoning your home, you can cut back on your energy use significantly. Your heater won’t need to work overtime keeping empty guest rooms cozy, or warm your living room while everyone is in bed at night.

Zoned home heating and air conditioning solutions instantly cut back on energy use by making sure you’re only operating your HVAC system when you need to adjust the comfort in occupied spaces.

Customize Your Comfort with Modern Solutions

Zoned heating and cooling is best for a larger home or those with certain architectural features. Consider upgrading to a zoned HVAC system if your home has:

  • Two or more stories
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • A broad layout with long wings
  • Large windows
  • Areas that frequently suffer from hot and cold spots

Though a small, compact house that’s built around a central thermostat won’t need a zoned system, many larger buildings will see significant benefits from this type of installation. If you’re not sure whether a zoned system is right for your layout, speak with our service techs at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning to find out which energy-saving solutions are best for you. From high-efficiency heaters and energy-efficient air conditioners to smart thermostats, we have everything you need.

Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning proudly serves Columbus, Ellerslie, Cataula, Hamilton, Fortson, Waverly Hall, and Midland, Georgia, as well as Auburn, Opelika, and Midland, Alabama. If you’re interested in learning more about zoned HVAC systems, give us a call today.

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