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You may not have noticed it, but history was made in the HVAC industry last year. For the first time, more Americans installed heat pumps than furnaces. Their energy-efficient operation has made them the preferred HVAC system for all-season indoor comfort. Whether you have an older heat pump or one that’s fresh off the production line, here’s how to keep it running at peak efficiency for as long as you own it.

Change the filter

The air filter in your HVAC system helps keep contaminants from accumulating on critical components and damaging them. By allowing the free passage of air, it also improves energy efficiency. A clogged filter forces the unit to expend more energy to work harder to maintain an ideal temperature. Replacing the filter whenever it’s dirty can improve efficiency by up to 15%.

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance

Without proper maintenance, even the most advanced HVAC system on the planet will lose efficiency over time. Well-maintained heating and cooling systems operate up to 25% more efficiently than neglected ones. Keeping the equipment in good working order extends its service life too. It also safeguards your budget against the cost of unexpected repairs and replacements.

Partner with Professionals

Whether you opt for a conventional heat-pump system or a ductless mini-split, proper installation is the secret to savings. It’s important to size the equipment correctly to match your unique heating and cooling requirements. Undersized systems run overtime, trying but failing to keep everyone comfortable. One that’s too big tends to cycle off before heating or cooling your entire home. A quality HVAC company will conduct a whole-home calculation to determine the correct size.

At Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re all about energy efficiency. We understand that the less energy your HVAC systems consume, the more cash you’ll keep in your pocket. For heat pump services you can count on to save you money, call us today.

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