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Is the heat pump in your Hamilton, GA, home leaking water? If so, the cause of the leak depends on whether it is inside or outside your home. There are a few situations that can cause a heat pump to leak.

The Heat Pump Is Defrosting

If the leak is outside during chillier weather, your HVAC system is possibly in defrost mode. The accumulation of ice on the coils prevent your home from getting as warm as it should temporarily.

To get rid of the ice, the system goes into defrost mode. You might notice a pool of water near the outside compressor.

Defrost mode is normal during the winter. But if your heat pump is not on that setting, something else is causing the leak. A maintenance check will locate the source of the problem.

It’s Humid Outside

When it’s hot and humid outside, you might notice water pooling around the outdoor unit. The water is most likely the condensation that drains from the air when it reacts with the coils inside the heat pump.

Drain Problems

If your HVAC system leaks water indoors, you might have a drainage problem. Condensation flows into the drain pan, but a rusty pan can cause condensation to leak onto the floor. You could also have an issue with the condensate drain.

Your HVAC system removes condensation from your home by using a condensation drain. If the drain has a build-up of dirt and biologic particulates, the condensation has nowhere to go. As a result, water backs up into the drain pan, and either stops the system or causes it to overflow.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

When the heat pump is in cooling mode, refrigerant moves through the evaporator coil to remove heat from the warm air.

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