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According to the EPA’s Energy Star program, smart thermostats can save you up to $180 per year on energy bills. Smart thermostats not only save money, but they’re also efficient and convenient to use. Here’s how using a smart thermostat in your Columbus, GA, home can save you money.

What a Smart Thermostat Is

Smart thermostats contain machine-learning technology. So, when you adjust your new smart thermostat at night, rise in the morning, leave for work and come back home, it will remember your adjustments. It will then start to make those changes for you.

You will still be able to change the setting whenever the need arises. And with Wi-Fi capability and the compatible app, your smart thermostat will let you make adjustments remotely.

How a Smart Thermostat Saves on Energy Costs

The goal of using a smart thermostat is to make your home comfortable while you are there and use less energy whenever you’re not home or while you are asleep. A smart thermostat accomplishes this goal by unfailingly making your desired scheduled temperature adjustments.

An old-fashioned analog thermostat can’t make large temperature changes in the most efficient manner. A smart thermostat can, and that saves you money.

A smart thermostat monitors energy use and reports its findings. This lets you make the necessary changes to achieve your energy use and budget goals.

How Multiple Smart Thermostats Can Save Money

Using multiple smart thermostats allows you to zone off the lesser-used areas or areas that are hot spots, such as a kitchen. A dedicated thermostat in the kitchen area will automatically cool just that area when it needs it.

Smart thermostats save energy use, which saves money. When you are ready to have one or more smart thermostats installed, call Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning.

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