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A faulty heat pump breaks down often, denying your household much-needed warmth during cooler months. Keeping your system in top shape helps to reduce heat pump downtimes, thus keeping your family comfortable. Here are a few tips for prepping a heat pump for heating season in Columbus, GA.

Change the Air Filter

An air filter ensures that you’ll enjoy clean indoor air by trapping contaminants in the air. Over time, these contaminants build up on the filter. As a result, your system strains to effectively circulate enough air.

Constantly running your heat pump increases the strain on it’s components, accelerating wear and tear. A clogged air filter also causes uneven temperature distribution, short cycling and high energy bills. Change your air filter approximately every 60-90 days to help your heat pump run efficiently.

Pay Attention to the Outdoor Unit

This unit absorbs heat from the surroundings when the cold season sets in and transfers this heat into your home. If you have plants around this component, the vegetation may reduce the system’s ability to absorb heat from the environment, if it has grown too close. Consider clearing any flowers, bushes or debris that have accumulated on it.

Schedule Maintenance Services

Maintenance services enable your HVAC system to operate at maximum efficiency and catch potential issues early on. Professional technicians will clean your heat pump’s components, repair any faulty parts, lubricate moving components and inspect your thermostat when they perform a maintenance visit.

Replace an Old Heat Pump

As your HVAC system advances in age, it will be less capable of maintaining your desired efficiency levels. Its parts become worn out with time, and it may need to work for longer periods to achieve your temperature needs. Older systems also break down more often, increasing repair expenses.

Consider getting a new heat pump if the one in your home is older than 12-15 years. Installing a smart thermostat in the process will also help maintain your new system’s efficiency and keep energy bills low.

Allow our team to take care of your HVAC needs while providing outstanding customer service. Contact Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning for professional heat pump services in Columbus, GA.

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