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As your home and HVAC system in Midland, GA, age, they start losing their efficiency. The best way to find the areas of energy loss is by having an energy audit. Here are some ways a professional home energy audit can help you improve your HVAC system this year.

Uncover Hidden Issues

As you evaluate your system, you may uncover some problems that are developing but haven’t become major yet. These could be system components operating inefficiently or airflow restrictions.

Increase HVAC Efficiency

Some of the most common problems uncovered during an audit are air leaks from your ducts or components. This means you’re wasting money on cooled or heated air that isn’t affecting the temperature in your home. Aside from problems in your system, this is the most common issue affecting your system’s efficiency.

Improved Air Quality

Some of the common causes of poor air quality are the same as those that cause energy loss. As a result, dealing with energy loss problems often leads to solving air quality problems. Typical problems include dirty air ducts, evaporator coils, heat exchangers and circulating fans.

Reduce Repair Costs

The more efficiently your system runs, the less operational strain it experiences. Lower strain means your system components last longer, reducing the number of furnace and AC repairs you require.

Stop paying more than you need to for your heating and cooling. Call today to schedule a home energy audit with our experts at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning.

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