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There are several creative ways to cool your home during the summer in Columbus, GA. Read on to discover tips you can use right now to save money on your energy bill while keeping each room at a comfortable temperature.

Check for Leaks Around Windows and Doors

If you notice that certain rooms are not cooling down fast enough, then you may have leaks around your doors and windows. Check for leaks and use various insulation materials to help seal the room and keep the cool air inside.

Lack of Power Coming from the Air Conditioner

Place your hand next to the vent. If you notice that the airflow is not powerful enough, then there may be dust buildup on the front of the vent. Clean out the vent, and the air should flow better.

Cool Air Is Not Blowing

Once in a while, you may notice that there is no cool air blowing from the vent. This could be because the air filter is dirty. You should replace your AC’s air filter every 30 to 90 days, depending on the type of filter and your daily usage of the system.

Condensation Forms on Vents

Condensation may form on the vents when humid air meets cold air from the vents. You can reduce the condensation by cleaning the indoor line of the air conditioning unit.

How to Keep the HVAC Unit in Optimum Condition

The best way to keep your HVAC unit in optimum condition is by hiring a professional for regular inspection and maintenance. Along with replacing the air filter as needed, you should check the vents each month to make sure that they are clear of dust and other obstructions.

To learn more about energy-efficient AC systems and lower energy bills, contact us at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning in Columbus, GA. We have the expertise to keep homes cool for less.

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