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If you have a traditional HVAC system in your Waverly Hall, GA home, switching to a heat pump can make a difference in your energy bills. Here are four things you need to know when considering which heat pump you should buy.

1. Research the Different Heat Pump Types

Buyers will find three main types of heat pumps: air source, split-ductless and geothermal. All operate on the same principle of extracting heat and either dispersing it outside in the summer or bringing it inside in the winter.

2. Get the Right Size for Your Home

Similar to traditional air conditioning systems and furnaces, your contractor should perform calculations to ensure the unit purchased is the right size. Heat pumps that are the wrong size will not heat or cool your building efficiently, resulting in wasted energy and higher bills.

3. Select a Heat Pump That Works Well in a Moderate Climate

Similar to other indoor comfort devices, heat pumps differ with regard to their capabilities. Heat pumps are typically perfect for homeowners who live in regions with moderate climates. Consider buying a system with at least 15 SEER to cool your home efficiently during hot summers.

4. Consider Options to Boost Heat Pump Efficiency

Save even more money on your energy bills by installing a system with advanced options to deliver heating and cooling. Among the options to consider include variable capacity controls, zoned heating and cooling, two-speed compressors and variable speed motors. These options provide optimal heating or cooling when you need it most and use less energy when temperatures aren’t as extreme.

When you’re looking for reliable heat pump installation service in Waverly Hall, GA, trust the pros at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning to do the job right. Contact us today to schedule an installation appointment.

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