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Wintertime in Columbus, GA, can drop close to freezing. Coming into the cold months with an inefficient furnace means you may not have enough heat to stay comfortable indoors and can end up paying more in utilities each month. If you’re uncertain whether or not your furnace is inefficient, here are four telltale signs that can confirm it.

1. Low AFUE Rating

AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, which is a standard metric used to grade the heating efficiency of a furnace or boiler. Heating systems that have an AFUE rating of 70% or less are inefficient relative to today’s furnaces, which bear an AFUE rating of 90% to 98%. Talk with your HVAC technician to determine what high-efficiency heating system installation best fits your home and budget.

2. Longer Cycles

If you’ve had the furnace switched on for some time and the temperatures remain chilly inside, it’s a possible indication of inefficiency. High-efficiency furnaces generally have an average run time of 10-15 minutes per cycle but can run shorter or longer based on external influences, including your home’s size and outdoor temperatures.

3. Furnace Distributing Cold Air

If you switch your furnace on and feel cold air instead of warm air, it’s a strong possibility that your furnace’s air filter may be impeding smooth airflow through the exchanger. You can easily avoid this through regular preventive maintenance plans, which include filter replacement.

4. High Utility Costs

The more inefficient your furnace is, the longer it takes to heat up the room, which means the more power consumed. If you noticed a recent spike in your electricity or gas costs, an inefficient furnace may be the root cause.

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