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Leaking air ducts can have an adverse effect on your family’s health and your home in general. Ducts that leak air tend to skyrocket your energy bills and even impact your home’s comfort. Here are signs that your air ducts in Columbus, GA, have a leak.

1. High Energy Bills

Energy bills tend to rise when you have a problem with your AC unit or consume too much energy, especially during the summer season. If your ductwork has holes, your AC system will have to overwork to maintain your home’s internal temperature. The leaks lose the warm or cold air, forcing the AC system to reimburse for the shortcoming, resulting in high energy bills.

2. Uneven Heating and Cooling

If the air ducts going to the bedroom are leaking, your bedroom might be cooler or warmer than other rooms depending on the climate. When you switch your AC system on, every room in your home should receive warm or cool air at the same rate evenly.

Failure to receive even warm or cool air should indicate that your air ducts have leaks. This is because the leaks are preventing cool or warm air from cooling or heating the affected rooms. Remember, an air duct system’s purpose is to ensure your home’s temperature is consistent and even from one room to the next.

3. Too Much Dust in Your Home

Leaky, collapsed or broken ductwork can collect dust and other pollutants and circulate them throughout your home. If you find yourself cleaning your home more than usual, contact a technician to come and inspect your ductwork before the problem escalates.

If you want to learn more about ductwork or want your ductwork inspected, contact Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning today. We have professional technicians who will help make your home safer and comfortable.

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