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Have you examined your ductwork today? If you’re like most Columbia, Georgia, homeowners, ducts don’t occupy your thoughts. However, if you want to save money on energy bills and enjoy greater indoor comfort this winter, you can’t ignore ductwork maintenance. Air duct sealing is an essential component of HVAC maintenance. However, it only needs to be done every several years. Here are the following advantages of scheduling professional duct sealing this winter:

Stop Wasting Money

Over time, ducts develop cracks and holes. The connections at the joints aren’t as tight as they once were. The expensive heated air that your furnace pours out can easily slip through the cracks. While heated air is leaking out, your furnace is working extra hard to make up for the losses. In fact, Energy Star warns homeowners that up to 30 percent of heated and cooled air in central HVAC systems is lost before it can completely warm or cool your home. HVAC air duct sealing eliminates this problem so your hard-earned energy dollars are no long being wasted.

Eliminate Obstructions Blocking Airflow

Grungy buildup occurs in ductwork as a matter of course. As this gritty accumulation increases, it slows down the consistent and efficient flow of warm air through your home. Your heater has to generate extra energy to push warm air through the system. That means excess wear and tear for your heater. Without having to shove past obstructions, heated air can be circulated throughout your home minus any interference.

Enhance Your Indoor Comfort

After duct cleaning and duct sealing, you’re likely to enjoy a new level of indoor comfort. Rooms that used to be too cold feel warmer. Rooms distant from the thermostat that used to be chilly are more comfortable. Airflow may be noticeably stronger. Utility bills are lower because heated air doesn’t have to push past accumulated grungy buildup. When heated air isn’t escaping through ductwork leaks and cracks, it can do what it’s supposed to do: heat your home efficiently and effectively. When it’s able to do that because ductwork obstructions and leaks have been removed, indoor comfort soars while energy expenses plummet.

Enjoy Fresher and Healthier Indoor Air

Ductwork is an ideal hiding place for dust, allergens, pests, mites, insect droppings, viruses and bacteria. As heated air passes through ducts, it absorbs these toxins and disperses them throughout your home. Your home can accumulate all manner of airborne contaminants that can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, sinus issues and sleepiness. When ducts are clean, the air in your home will be cleaner, too.

Maximize the Lifespan of Your Furnace

Overwork is the death of many furnaces that are forced to work harder than they were meant to. Leaky and obstructed ductwork is a notorious cause of heater overwork. After many years, this extra labor can finish off a furnace long before its time. By clearing away obstructions and sealing leaks, you’re helping your furnace to have the long and productive life it deserves.

Ensure a Safe Refuge for Your Family

Combustion gasses in homes with gas furnaces, gas clothes dryers and gas water heaters should be vented out of your home. Otherwise, they are hazardous to health. These gasses include carbon monoxide and other dangerous combustion gasses that are highly toxic for humans. Maintaining your ductwork and your furnace can eliminate these threats and ensure that your home stays healthy and safe.

There’s no reason for you to pay high energy bills for lackluster indoor comfort. Instead, eliminate these problems by scheduling HVAC air duct sealing. Learn more about keeping your HVAC healthy at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning in Columbia, Georgia. You can also reach us directly at (706) 405-4796.

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