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You rely on your air conditioner to keep your Columbus, GA, home cool when temperatures soar. Yet, hot temperatures can cause your AC to work overtime, making it more susceptible to breakdowns. Fortunately, HVAC maintenance, like changing the filter and checking the condensate line, can help your air conditioner run better and use less energy this summer—here’s how.

Change the Filter for Better Performance

The AC filter’s job is to remove pollutants from your home’s indoor air and prevent them from being recirculated through the home when the AC runs. As you can imagine, after so many cooling cycles, the filter becomes dirty. Clogged filters don’t do your indoor air quality any favors, and they make it harder for your air conditioner to do its job. AC filters should be replaced every 90 days or within the AC manufacturer’s recommendations.

Clean the Condensate Line

If you want to help your AC out during hot summer weather, clean the condensate line as part of your pre-season maintenance tasks. Because your AC works so hard during the summer, it may be necessary to check and clean this line during the summer. The condensate line is responsible for removing the water from your home that your AC produces as part of the refrigeration process. Your condensate line accumulates dirt and biologic particulates that can build-up inside the line and clog it. With nowhere for the water to go it will back up into the drain pain. When this happens your drain pan can overflow, or a kill switch will turn your AC off so the water doesn’t damage it. If your AC stops working or is blowing warm air, check your condensate line for a clog. To check for a clog, see if the white pipe outside by your condenser is dripping water. If it’s not dripping and your AC won’t turn on, it’s very likely a condensate line clog. DIY homeowners can use a shop vac to extract the clog or call one of our technicians to help.

Why You Need Professional HVAC Maintenance

Replacing filters is an easy DIY task that anyone can do. However, there’s more to air conditioning maintenance. If you want your AC to run well during summer’s hottest days and have peace of mind that you won’t need emergency repairs, you should schedule maintenance service with HVAC technicians. Professional maintenance services include a multi-point inspection, checking for damage, and adjusting the system to ensure the system is calibrated to deliver the best performance all summer. When you invest in seasonal maintenance, you’re investing in improved performance and system longevity. For more information about HVAC maintenance plans, contact Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning.

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