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If you don’t get regular heat pump maintenance, you might not be getting the most out of your unit. That’s because, without proper heat pump maintenance, it can’t function as it’s supposed to.

At Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning, we do more than just heat pump repair and installation. We also offer maintenance plans.

It’s a good idea to get general maintenance for your system in the spring and fall so that it’s ready for the harsh summer and winter months ahead. Let’s take a minute to talk about what we do during spring maintenance to keep your heat pump in working order.

Change Air Filters and Remove Buildup

According to the Department of Energy, the difference in energy consumption from a regularly maintained heat pump and a poorly kept one is roughly 10% to 25%. This means that not doing spring cleaning on your heat pump costs you money.

During spring maintenance, we change out the air filter on your unit. We also remove any dirt and debris that has built up on the coils and the system over the course of the year. Doing so can keep your heat pump at it’s optimal performance level.

Check Vital Parts of Your Heat Pump

The best way to keep your heat pump working properly is to catch small problems before they manifest into larger ones. That’s why, during spring maintenance, our technicians check vital parts of your heat pump. These include the blower, ducts and indoor coil. We can even recharge the refrigerant if needed.

Let Us Service Your HVAC System

Keeping your family comfortable all year around is what we strive for at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning. It’s why we offer a number of repair and installation services for HVAC units. Contact us today to learn more about heat pump repair or maintenance services.

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