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Do you have a traditional HVAC system and find it difficult to heat or cool parts of your home? To achieve optimal heating and cooling throughout your Columbus, GA, home, consider the benefits of installing a zoning system.

What Is a Zoning System?

You have two zoning systems to choose from, single-zoning and multi-zoning, depending on the size and configuration of your home. Multiple thermostats are typically used in addition to dampers within the ductwork to control which rooms are to be heated or cooled and which areas are to remain without conditioned air for the time being.

Although single and multi-zone systems have slightly different setups, they achieve the same goal; allowing you room-by-room temperature control.

How Zoned Systems Improve Comfort

Temperature control is the number one way these systems improve comfort. Regulating the temperature room-by-room allows everyone in your household to achieve a temperature that suits their preferences. You and your household members no longer have to argue over the thermostat setting. You can adjust the temperature in individual rooms or areas to meet your needs. No more compromising comfort!

Also, since most systems use smart technology and work with compatible programmable thermostats, you can adjust the temperature wherever you are. You’ll always come home to a house that meets your ideal comfort level.

How Zoned Systems Save You Money

You’d be surprised how zoning saves you money. Here are some of the top ways these innovative systems keep more money in your bank account:

  • Customizable: Install a single unit in an addition, basement, or attic space and purchase a smaller HVAC unit for the rest of the house.
  • Efficiency: Zoning through the use of mini-splits eliminates the need for 24-hour heating or cooling to reach the desired room temperature.

There’s much to learn about the benefits of zoning. To decide if zoning is a good alternative to a traditional HVAC system for your household, call Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning, and let us help you make an informed decision!

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