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Spring in Columbus, Georgia, can be a beautiful time of year, with the flowers in bloom and everything returning to life. Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, this amazing rebirth of plant life can lead to coughing, a runny and stuffy nose, itching, sneezing, and watery eyes. Read the following tips to learn how you can give your home’s indoor air quality a boost and ward off spring allergies.

Keep Allergens Outside Where They Belong

One of the first steps to reducing allergens in your home is doing your best to keep them out of the home in the first place. Have a doormat for your guests to wipe their feet before entering, and make sure they take off their shoes and coats right when they come in. Pollen loves catching a ride on outerwear.

Resist the urge to throw open the window on a warm sunny day. You may let in a nice breeze, but you will be letting in a significant amount of allergens as well. If your pets spend the day running around outside, bathe them more often and brush them before letting them in.

Don’t Neglect Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is responsible for circulating the air throughout your home and helping to make it as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, when poorly maintained, your HVAC system may suffer from poor airflow, which can lead to a larger buildup of dust and dander on the surfaces around the home. Dust, dirt, and allergens can also build up on your HVAC components and filter, coming loose and getting into the air supply that is circulating around the home. Regular filter changes and a quick spring AC tune-up can easily rectify these problems.

Don’t let the IAQ in your home make your spring allergies worse. Contact Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning at 706-405-4796 today. One of our comfort specialists will be happy to set you up for a spring tune-up or help you come up with solutions to improve your home’s IAQ.

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