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Do you know how to safely use the furnace in your Cataula, GA home? There are several ways it can become a safety hazard. Here are five ways to use your furnace in a safe manner.

1. Never Store Flammable Items Near the Furnace

If an item can catch fire, keep it away from the heating system. You might use the area to store various household items. But items such as old papers, old wash rags, paint or paint thinners don’t belong near the heating system.

2. Install Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors help keep your home safe. If anything goes wrong with your furnace, it can become a fire hazard. It can also expose you to high levels of carbon monoxide if it should malfunction.

Install at least one smoke alarm and one carbon monoxide detector near the furnace. (You can find single units that do both.) The devices will alert you if there’s a carbon monoxide leak or smoke from a fire. For extra safety, place additional devices throughout your home.

3. Keep the Floor Clean

Dust or lint can create a fire hazard near your furnace. Vacuuming around it at least once a month should keep dust, lint and other debris away. You can also contact an HVAC technician for maintenance and professional cleaning.

4. Get a New Furnace Filter

The filter helps keep your air clean. It also keeps dust, dirt, allergens and other debris out of the heating system. A dirty filter will allow contaminants to escape into it.

5. Turn the Furnace Off

If you have a gas furnace, turn it off immediately when you smell gas. It is likely leaking gas and in need of repair. Call an HVAC technician as soon as possible.

Open the windows or doors to get fresh air. If the odor is very strong, you should leave the house until it gets maintenance.

Contact Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning for furnace repairs, maintenance and installation in Cataula, GA and the surrounding areas.

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