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Your home is important to you, which is why you do what you can to keep it looking its best. Your indoor air quality is just as important, and according to the EPA, indoor pollution is often two to five times higher than what you find outdoors. Here are five indoor air quality solutions for your Auburn, AL, home.

1. Air Cleaners

Air cleaners filter out spores, dirt and other microscopic particulates from the air. They work by passing air through a built-in filter that removes the particles. A professional installs the air cleaners between the return duct and the furnace or air conditioner, so all the air has to pass through the air cleaner first.

2. Air Purifiers

A common misconception is that air purifiers and air cleaners are the same thing, which they aren’t. Instead of using a filter, air purifiers use UV germicidal lamps to remove impurities from the air. This gives you healthier indoor air quality.

3. Filters

Your heating and cooling system uses filters to remove dust, pollen and other particulates from the air. Dirty air filters not only lower your system’s efficiency, increasing maintenance needs, but they also affect your health. You need to clean or replace your filters every 90 days, more often if you have pets.

4. Humidity Control

The EPA recommends that homeowners keep the relative humidity inside their homes between 30% and 50%. If the humidity is too low, then you have problems with static electricity, dry skin and increased vulnerability to viruses and respiratory illnesses. If the humidity is too high, then there’s an increase in condensation in the home, leading to structural damage and wood rot.

5. Ventilators

Proper ventilation is essential for your home as it deals with how air circulates throughout your home and outside. Ventilators remove allergens and unwanted odors, and they aid in controlling humidity levels, which helps keep your family healthy.

Don’t let poor indoor air affect your quality of life. Contact us at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning to learn about all the ways we can help you improve your indoor air quality.

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