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To tide you over the spring and summer in Ellerslie, GA, you’ll need your AC to function effectively. However, wear and tear happens, and your system will occasionally need repairs. Here are three signs that you should schedule AC repairs at the earliest opportunity.

1. Frequent Cycling

Frequent cycling is when your AC turns off before it can complete a cooling cycle. The system will then turn on again and try to run another cycle that will also not finish. This frequent on and off cycle indicates problems with your AC that you’ll need professional help to fix.

2. Strange Sounds or Odors

An AC should not generate any noise beyond a slight hum, and it shouldn’t emit any odor at all. If you start hearing odd sounds or noticing bizarre smells, you can be sure that something is wrong. Each smell and odor has its own meaning, and a skilled HVAC technician will determine what they mean.

In particular, an ether-like smell or a squealing sound means that your system is leaking refrigerant. Refrigerant is extremely hazardous, so you should request repairs or maintenance immediately after noticing this.

Other bad odors include the smell of smoke, rotten eggs and burning plastic. Some additional ominous sounds might be banging, rumbling or hissing.

3. System Blowing Hot Air

If your AC blows warm air, this is a clear sign that something is wrong since it means that your system isn’t performing its primary function. Various issues might cause this, but some possibilities include refrigerant leaks, coil or compressor issues, and dirty air filters that choke off airflow. We’ve already discussed what to do about the first two issues, but we’d like to mention that you need to change your AC’s air filters about once every 90 days so that air can move normally.

If you experience issues like the ones discussed above, don’t hesitate to ask for professional assistance. Call Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning and request immediate AC repair in Ellerslie, GA.

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