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As cold weather approaches in Waverly Hall, GA, it’s more important than ever to make sure you ventilate your HVAC system. Proper HVAC system ventilation will prevent you from spending your time indoors breathing in stagnant and contaminated air. Here are three reasons it’s important to adequately ventilate your HVAC system as well as the best ways to do it.

Your Unit Will Become More Energy Efficient

When you maintain the ventilation in your HVAC system, it won’t have to work overtime to heat your home. Having your system working extra to provide the same level of heating is almost guaranteed to cost you more.

Your Air Will Be Fresher

An improperly ventilated system will keep stagnant air flowing in your home, and that means you are breathing in whatever biological growth has occurred in your system. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, poor air quality can make your symptoms worse.

Being Inside Will Be More Comfortable

A poorly ventilated HVAC system can have negative consequences for your physical health. It can cause headaches and irritation of your eyes, nose and throat. The biological contaminants that grow inside can also damage your walls.

Best Ways to Improve Ventilation

The main way to improve ventilation in your HVAC system is to have professionals regularly clean and maintain your vents. You should also make sure that nothing is blocking any of the vents inside your home. Weather permitting, you can periodically open doors and windows to allow a fresh stream of air to enter your home.

What Is a Ventilator and Why Should You Add One?

A ventilator is a mechanical device that takes air from the outside environment and moves it through your house. It helps give you fresh air to breathe and can help prevent the buildup of biological contaminants due to stale and dirty air.

To promote a comfortable existence inside your home, add a ventilator to let fresh and clean air come through at all times. This change will help you control the amount of fresh air coming in, and it will help you breathe better in almost any condition.

Call us to make an appointment with Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning to check your air quality, clean your ducts and install a ventilator. Our experts can also help you keep your ventilator working well throughout the winter.

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