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As a homeowner in Columbus, Georgia, you get used to the sounds your furnace makes as it works in the background. If your heater starts to make strange noises, this can be an indication that something is wrong. If you don’t get it fixed, you could have trouble ahead. Here are three noises that you shouldn’t ignore:

Squealing Sounds

If your furnace makes a high-pitched squealing noise, several things might be wrong. It is often a sign of the blower motor malfunctioning or a frayed blower belt. You should have them fixed as soon as possible by a professional technician to avoid any more damage to your furnace.

Scraping Noises

Hearing scraping or screeching sounds from your furnace generally means there is a problem with the blower fan. It could be a loose blower wheel needing adjustment, a broken blower wheel that needs to be replaced, or a broken blower wheel mount. Problems with the blower wheel will stop your furnace from working properly, which means it’s time for you to call a technician.

A Loud Boom or Bang

If you hear a boom or bang when you turn on your furnace, there could be a buildup of dirt on the burners, which delays the ignition of the gas. Instead of igniting straight away, the gas builds up. When it does ignite, it creates a small explosion. This is a serious issue that can cause more damage to your furnace, including cracking the heat exchanger which can leak toxic carbon monoxide into your home.

Any of these problems with your furnace will only get worse if not repaired and can even be dangerous. That’s why you need to call in a specialist. Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning is here for your furnace maintenance and repair needs. Call us at 706-405-4796.

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