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When it comes to spring cleaning in Columbus, Georgia, there’s one item in your home that shouldn’t be overlooked, and that is your HVAC system. Spring is a great season to maintain your HVAC system before the heat of the summer months hit. Use our spring-cleaning checklist to prepare your HVAC system for the summer heat.

Clean and Change the Air Filter

For the air in your home to stay clean and healthy, it is important to change your unit’s air filter regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions about the frequency of changing and cleaning your air filter. For allergy sufferers and pet owners, change the air filter monthly. A clean HVAC filter can make the unit up to five percent more energy-efficient, saving you money.

Clean the Condensate Drain

This metal or plastic tray collects the moisture that the air conditioner unit produces. To avoid damaging your HVAC system, check that all water that collects here has drained. Also, check that the hose connecting the tray to the drain is not leaking and is in the right position.

Get the Air Moving

Before turning on the air conditioner in spring, turn on all fans in your home to get fresh air circulating.

Spring Clean Your Home

It is very important to dust and mop your home during spring, especially if you are opening your windows a little more since the start of the season. Dirt, allergens, and dust easily accumulate on surfaces near open doors and windows. Clean your windows during spring, so that the sun can shine in, making your home feel fresh and clean.

Adjust Your Thermostat

A programmable thermostat sets your system to an ideal temperature throughout the day. It also saves energy as your air conditioner only runs when cooling is required. For example, you can set it as you leave the office, so that when you arrive home your home is cool. If you have never tried a programmable or smart thermostat, think about having one installed.

Have Your Ducts Sealed

Lots of gross things can lurk in your ductwork. Air ducts develop holes and cracks over time, resulting in a higher energy bill as your air conditioner has to work harder to circulate air. Sealed ducts will provide healthier air and save you money.

Clean the Outdoor Area Around the HVAC Unit

During the winter months, dirt, leaves, and debris often build up around the exterior HVAC unit. One of your spring cleaning tasks should be to clear away leaves, mulch, and soil from this area. Cut back bushes or plants that are growing too close to the unit. For maximum airflow, there should be at least a one to two-foot clearance around the unit.

Turn off the unit and carefully vacuum the outside of the unit to clean the air conditioner fins. While washing the unit, check the external panels to see if any are damaged or misaligned. Additionally, check the condition of the foam insulation that is around the refrigerant line which runs from your home to the unit. Call an HVAC service technician if anything looks damaged. Be sure to have it repaired before switching on the system.

Turn on Your HVAC Unit

Now that you’ve completed the spring cleaning checklist, it is time to turn on your HVAC system for a test run to check for any issues. Run it for a few minutes to confirm that it is working well and circulating cool air. If the unit is not cooling the air efficiently, first check the thermostat to see if it is set correctly. If that is not the problem, call a professional to tune your system or replace the coolant.

If you notice anything unusual about your air conditioning system give Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning a call at 706-405-4796. We are here to help with your HVAC needs.

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