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Georgia Power - Heat Pump Rebate Offers
Customer Rebate Offers for converting from natural gas

  • $450 rebate for ≥ 18 SEER traditional heat pump or ≥ 16 SEER variable refrigerant flow (VRF) inverter technology conversion only*
  • $200 rebate for 14 - 17.9 SEER traditional heat pump conversion only
  • $200 rebate for 14 - 15.9 SEER VRF inverter technology conversion only

*$450 rebate scheduled to run through August 31, 2017, but is subject to end prior to this based on participation.


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Zoning refers to the breaking up of your home into different sections or zones to more accurately control the comfort level of each one. The experts at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning will help you maximize your system’s performance and efficiency. There are two main benefits to zoning your home: increased efficiency and increased comfort.

Increase Your System’s Efficiency
You don’t have just one switch that controls all the lights in your home. That would be wasteful. So why do you have one thermostat that controls the temperature of all the rooms in your home simultaneously?

Different parts of your home are used at different times and for different purposes. Zoning allows you to create multiple zones in your home and individually control the comfort level of eachone. Maximize the efficiency of your home heater and air conditioner with a zoned system.

Increase Your Comfort
If you have only one thermostat in your home, you most likely have areas that are hotteror colder than the rest of thehouse. Each room has different environmental factors that contribute its comfort level. Zoning your home means you can more accurately control these troublesome areas, greatly increasing their comfort.

If your home has one or more of the following features, a zoned heating and air conditioning system may prove beneficial to increasing your comfort. We’re here to help you improve the comfort of your home.

For more information on zoning or any of our other services, contact us online or call (706) 323-8891.