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Georgia Power - Heat Pump Rebate Offers
Customer Rebate Offers for converting from natural gas

  • $450 rebate for ≥ 18 SEER traditional heat pump or ≥ 16 SEER variable refrigerant flow (VRF) inverter technology conversion only*
  • $200 rebate for 14 - 17.9 SEER traditional heat pump conversion only
  • $200 rebate for 14 - 15.9 SEER VRF inverter technology conversion only

*$450 rebate scheduled to run through August 31, 2017, but is subject to end prior to this based on participation.


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Providing financing options with approved credit.

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At Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning, we are committed to meeting all of your heating, cooling and air quality needs. We have HVAC accessories that reduce your utility bills, increase your comfort and allow you to breathe easier. Here are a few of those available.
Trane Clean Effects Air Cleaner
Trane Clean Effects Air Cleaner is the industry leader in home air filtration.  The systems removes an incredible 99.98% of allergens from filtered air in the conditioned space.  The innovative collection cells trap dust and allergen particles as small .1 microns in size and is up 100 times more efficient than a standard 1" filter, reducing your need to dust by up to 50%.  This system eliminates the need to buy filters or any expensive replacement parts and has its own meter informing you when it needs to be cleaned.
Trane Total Home Humidifier
A Trane total home humidifier restores proper moisture levels to the air in you home, increasing your comfort while protecting your belongings and your family's health.  Dry air in winter months can lead to bothersome static electricity and over time it can damage plants, furniture and valuables. It can also dry out your skin, aggravate asthma and trigger allergy attacks.  In addition humidified air feels warmer allowing you to have your thermostat set lower saving valuable energy.
Honeywell Dehumidifier
The Honeywell whole house dehumidifier is designed to provide ultimate indoor air quality.  The unit provides three key components of healthy indoor air: fresh air ventilation, particulate filtration and humidity control.  This system is capable of removing over 90 pints of water per day while using only 6.2 amps of electricity, allowing the system to maintain indoor humidity levels below 50% and run efficiently.
Trane Fresh Air Recovery System
Trane FreshEffects Energy Recovery Ventilator provides a whole-house solution for fresh air ventilation. This system exhausts stale indoor air and brings in fresh, preconditioned, outdoor air, so your home can be a clean, more enjoyable place to live.  In addition FreshEffects decreases the level of odors, chemical vapors and naturally occurring gases that become trapped in tightly sealed homes.
Air Duct Smoke Detector
Most victims of home fires succumb to smoke inhalation rather than life threatening injury caused by fire. This system directly mounts into the homes duct work and shuts down blower motor operation, preventing the rapid circulation of smoke through the home giving you added time to get you and your loved ones to safety.
Schlage Link Security/ Control Package
Create your ideal home environment, even when you're away, with the Trane ComfortLink Remote Thermostat. This is a comprehensive internet- enabled system that puts your home in the palm of your hand.  System options include wireless remote door locks, wireless cameras, appliance controls, internet bridge, and integrated thermostat.
Trane XL 950 Programmable Thermostat
The XL 950 ComfortLink II thermostat is a central planning center that integrates technology and comfort into your personal lifestyle.  The XL950 features a high-definition color touchscreen, zoning capabilities, advanced scheduling, digital picture display, live weather forecasts, wireless connectivity, remote operation and so much more.
Trane 802 Programmable Thermostat
The Trane XL 802 thermostat offers complete control for non communicating systems.  It features a large touch screen display with complete 7-day scheduling options and the ability to automatically switch between heating and cooling as need.  For greater convenience, it features a real-time clock, filter reminders and is wall removable allowing you to adjust temperature from the comfort of your favorite chair.
Trane 602A Programmable Thermostat
The Trane 602A series thermostat is a 5 day/2 day programmable schedule thermostat that allows for separate custom run programs for weekdays and weekends.  And as with all programmable thermostats it allows for huge home energy savings by hands free management of your home comfort system and may qualify for certain tax credits.
Comfort Zoning System
Think of a zoning system as precise comfort on demand. Unlike conventional systems that can only heat or cool the entire house at once, a zoning system directs heated and cooled air on a zone-by-zone basis, allowing you to control each zone as though it were an individual home.  This option not only increase comfort but also saves money on energy costs for heating/ cooling less used areas of the home.
Preventive Maintenance Agreement
The Climate Control Preventive Maintenance Program is a biannual or quarterly check of your home comfort system.  A certified technician will come out 2-4 times a year to check all system functions before the major heating and cooling seasons instilling the confidence and peace of mind that it wont fail on those scorching summer days or frigid winter nights.  Other added benefits include pre-scheduling with the homeowner, priority on calls list, more efficient systems, longer unit life, and discounts on labor and weekend/ after hour calls.
Energy Saving Duct Sealing Package
On average homes with leaky, broken, and/or poorly installed duct work lose 20-50% of purchased conditioned air to unconditioned space.  This package eliminates almost all of this wasted air and will get a duct system to comply with 2011 Georgia code.  This package includes a duct air loss test, sealing and then a post duct test to determine results.  Saving you up to 50 cents of every dollar spent on your heating and cooling costs.
Home Energy Audit
This energy audit is an invaluable tool when thinking of doing home repairs and upgrades.  A RESNET certified rater will come out and perform a number of tests and gather home information to compile a list showing you the homeowner where to better allocate your money making your home more efficient.  Each test is sent to and double checked by RESNET providers in the SouthFace Energy Institute in Atlanta Georgia for quality and accuracy assurance.
Ventilation Appearance Package
If your grilles and registers are looking a little off color, rusty, or are falling a part and noisy this package will eliminate those problems.  A Climate Control technician will come out and replace all your grills and registers with a high performance upgrade.  These new registers not only look great they allow for better air flow while reducing noise and static pressure allowing your system to operate more efficiently and more comfortably.